INLAND INDOORS - Interior Designers, Mangalore

IN-LAND Indoors, part of the IN-LAND group of companies is an Interior Designing firm based in Mangalore & Bangalore, India. IN-LAND Indoors is well-established to add elegance and aroma to your Dream Home. We understand that every client has individual needs and respect their tastes.

Unique Features You Will Love

Progressive Design Revision

We define, design, iterate. That's how we like to work - reviewing and iterating as we work through our projects. We provide you with wide range of options that are sure to give you the ultimate bliss. We respect your thoughts and views, and want you to be successful in the long run.

Quality Parameters Check at Site

Our Site Engineer follows execution standards and adheres to design organizing the smooth running of the site in conjunction with the Contracts Manager. We serve our clients well sharing the site meeting reports on a regular basis to keep them informed on the developments.


Standards and Ethics Above All

We're free of all industry-standard shady practices. We believe being transparent is actually being honest to our client, their business and with our work. We remove the ambiguity in the mind of our clients by not working on a commission basis with vendors and contractors.

We Are Exceptionally Flexible

We're stubborn on vision and flexible on design. We hate rigid terms, conditions and red-tapes. We do everything within and don't give up on things easily to support our clients.


Quickest Turnaround

We want to make it faster. We can kick-start our work while creativity cannot be rushed; we keep up ahead of time through quick turnarounds. We understand time is a truly non-renewable resource.

IN-House Expertise

We don't settle for something that's good. Good is the enemy of great. Our in-house team of experts work to make things awesome with 3D visualisers, quantity surveyors, lighting designers and project managers.

What Our Client Say

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