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Design Concepts

A design concept is the idea behind a design, a creation of something that will eventually drive an actionable reality within the interior. At the start of any interior design project, we ponder in what style we should create the interior home in order to experience good for that particular environment. If someone likes traditional style interiors, we can't propose him something modern because he believes that what is suggested isn't represented for ones taste. Likewise, if someone likes modern style interiors, we can't recommend him either way.

When describing your design style, is modern too glossy? Traditional too dowdy? Your perimeter may be "transitional". Your concept will escort to your choices in color and type. It'll settle on your aesthetic and prompt your grid. Every design decision you make will retreat on your concept for direction. Your design concept becomes the framework for all your design decisions.

We can think of design concepts in three ways: Modern style, Traditional Style, and Transitional style. While we highlight the main characteristics for each one of them, we will try to join some interiors or products that illustrate each style separately.

Traditional style interiors use adornment and accessories for cushy, a 'homey' feel, warmth and relaxation. Earmarks of traditional interior homes include carved mouldings, fine woodwork, graceful lines, and hardy, finely crafted furniture. An overstuffed, sumptuous sofa, soft accent pillows, framed wall decorations and exquisite fabric curtains are a few details often found in a traditional room. A traditional style offers the intimacy of using forms, colors, and materials as they have been used in past. People who trace a deep bond with Old World, European or early American history take great contentment in this style.

Modern style interiors take the divergent approach, preceding calm through the use of open space, clean lines, basic shapes, and no ornament. Modern interiors are sleek, spacious, simple, and focus on function and organization. No litter or mayhem allowed. If you hate to dust around knick-knacks or polish featured carvings, sleek modern design makes your life easier. Modern design is a stupendous choice for apartment dwellers because it escalates space and generates the illusion of a larger room. Young, busy professionals awfully love this decorating style since the space is effortlessly kept clean without knick knacks or ornate decorative furniture to dust.

Transitional style interiors, also known as classic with modern twist, cuddles the comfort of traditional design and the stylish looks of modern design. It is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, midway between old world traditional and the world of chrome and glass contemporary; assimilating lines that are less ornate than traditional designs, but not as drastically basic as contemporary lines. As a result transitional furniture designs are classic, timeless, and clean. Unlike contemporary furniture, transitional style focuses on comfort and possibility to reach the lifestyle of an active household.

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