Interior Design Mangalore


Inland Indoors is dedicated to addressing ethical, environmental and social needs towards our business dealings, our employees and associates and all of our stakeholders. We create interiors that are eco-friendly and none of it can be described as rustic; nor is it from the world of unusual recycling, though of course restoration plays a part. We approach to act as a good corporate citizen in all our business activities aiming to make the world a better and healthier place.

We recognise the responsibility we have towards our people, investors, suppliers, competitors, stakeholders and the living environment. We take a professional obligation to further the social and aesthetic standards of the community. We believe that our status and the confidence of those with whom we lay our hands on will be considered a sensible asset. We urge strong professional and ethical perspective when carrying out any of our business activities.

All collaborator and employees are required to abide by our Code of Conduct which contours our core approach to all business dealings. The hedge of our professional integrity is of fundamental importance and all associates and employees are conscious of the results of non conformance. Our Code of Conduct helps to protect our dignity of the profession and shall not consciously presume or accept a position in which personal interests conflict with professional duty and thus maintains confidence.

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